Dexter Gordon Devilette Solo for guitar


Devilette Transcription for guitar

Devilette solo for guitar

I’ve been doing a lot of transcribing lately and if anybody is interested I will be posting the solo transcriptions of my favorite jazz artists. This month featured artist is tenor sax player Dexter Gordon. If any of my fellow jazz guitar players are interested in the guitar tabs to Devilette you can download them in the links below. In the future, I will be posting more transcriptions of my favorite jazz musicians and you can download the notation and tabs for free from my website.

In future articles I will be breaking down the solos and analyzing them to see what scales, arpeggios and other devices the jazz greats use when improvising. So stay tuned.

Devilette tab PDF solo for guitars:

Video link to the recording. Solo starts at the 50 second mark

Demonstration of the solo on guitar

I hope you enjoyed this free transcribed solo of Deveilette for guitar. Download and happy learning:

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