Featured Artist of the Month Kalya Ramu Jazz Vocalist

Featured Artist of the Month Kalya Ramu Jazz Vocalist

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In my featured artist of the month blog, I decided to start with new and local talent. I like to reiterate the fact that this guitar lesson blog is intended for my music students that I teach privately and online, but it is also open to anyone else who is willing to read my blog and hopefully learn something from the articles. We won’t go into the benefits of why listening to good music and good musicians are important for the development of the musician or guitarist. If you want to learn why and who you should be listening to you can go read my last lesson blog: Are you just getting into jazz improvisation? Who should you be listening to?

Our featured artist of the month is Kalya Ramu jazz vocalist who resides in Canada, Toronto Ontario. She has been gigging regularly in her local scene. You can catch her performing live in any one of the local Toronto jazz & blues bars. Some of the venues she has performed in are the Rex Hotel, Old Mill Inn, The Silver Dollar Room, Hugh’s Room and the list goes on. Her style is versed in the old classic jazz vocalists of the 1920’s, 30’s & 40’s. You can hear all sorts of influences in her style from Billie Holliday, Sara Vaughan Ella Fitzgerald, and Bessie Smith. I like hearing new talent paying tribute to the old, because I feel the era of Frank Sinatra & Billie Holliday is dying out and we need a revival that will keep that music alive. She is certainly doing justice to the tradition of classic jazz with adding her own unique twist and voice to that classic era. With the lack of talent in the music scene and popular culture today, Kalya Ramu brings a wealth of exceptional talent and taste for a music industry that is much in need of it. She certainly can be a role model for young teens and can be someone to look up to and idolize. Most of the women in pop culture today can’t offer that that type of sophistication in their look or talent.

As for her music you can’t go wrong, especially if you want to listen to good live music. If you happen to be in Toronto one night go check her out and support our local talent and future stars. She always delivers a great live performance. To buy her music or see her current list of upcoming shows you can visit this link: http://www.kalyaramu.ca/shows--albums.html

By Phil La Viola
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Originally published at guitartipsandtrix.blogspot.com on October 9, 2018.



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