Moveable barre chords (beginners Level)

  • The first step to playing barre chords is to get used to the barre which is played with your 1st finger.
  • Place your first finger across all 6 strings across the fret board and press down with your first finger.
  • Move the barred first finger up and down the neck from the 1st to the 12th fret. Practice strumming down on all 6 strings and listen for the clarity of the notes and that you are not getting any muted strings. If you do get a muted sound, eventually that will end up sounding more clearly as your hand and fingers get stronger with practice. You will notice the barre will get easier as you move up the neck and will feel easier to press down on. Try barring the 1st fret and then try barring the 5th fret and you will notice the difference. Playing the barre on the on the 5th fret won’t be as hard as the 1st fret.
  • Choose a light gauge strings between 9 and 10 for electric or acoustic
  • Electric guitar necks are more comfortable to play barre chords on. If you feel you are not getting anywhere with barre chords on your acoustic guitar try switching to an electric guitar. In the long run you should be able to play them on both. If you master barre chords on your acoustic guitar first then they should be a piece of cake to play on your electric guitar.
  • Try stretching the fingers of your left or strumming hand. Place the 3 fingers of your right hand thumb, index and middle finger between the digits of your left hand fingers to stretch out the web of each finger. The pictures below illustrate the stretch for your fingers that you will grab chords with. Doing this finger stretch will allow for a longer reach across the fret board when your fingering chords on the guitar neck.



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Guitar Tips & Tricks (Guitar Lessons)

Guitar Tips & Tricks (Guitar Lessons)

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