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The Grip Master can be used for guitarist and all musicians to keep your fingers in shape if you don’t have time to practice. The Grip Master is a hand grip devise that has built in weights where you can add the desired and appropriate tension. Notice the key word I used (appropriated tension). This is crucial thing to figure out because you don’t want to hurt yourself by using a heavier weight or heavy tension. These are normally used for patients that are in rehab and recovering from a hand injury. It is used to build up their hand strength that was damaged and weakened due to an accident. If your hands are in perfect condition and strong I don’t recommend getting a hand grip devise with a heavy tension. Your fingers are not meant to press down or lift heavy weights. I recommend you buy a product that is specially designed for musicians and that will work out both your grip and individual fingers. The Grip Master is ideal for this and can be used to work out the ring and pinky finger together. If you have a normal sized or average hand, I recommend you buy the one with extra light tension. Anything heavier than that can lead to other injuries. As guitarists you would like to avoid physical injury that may have been caused by exercise. Injury to your hand can definitely be avoided by choosing a lighter tension rather than going for the Grip Master with the heavier tension. You can purchase this particular model from our Amazon associated links: Grip Master.

Watch the video link demonstration on how to use the Grip Master:



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